Server Halt

EDIT: Jan. 19: The server is back online now.

Dear users,

Our server is currently halted because it’s out of quota. This is caused by the recent increment of users – much more than we could expect. We are currently trying to find out a solution and fix it ASAP.

In the meanwhile, we are not able to provide register and download services. All users who has a successful previous login can use Tank Inspector in offline mode (automatically) until our server is online again.

Thanks for your patient and sorry for the inconvenience.



The Tank Inspector Crews

Service e-Mail Changed

Hello everyone,

Recently our favorite and the best-on-earth e-Mail service provider, Gmail, has been blocked by the national firewall of China (a.k.a. the GFW). This makes great inconvenience to our work and life, so here is another fuck to the GFW and the government behind it.
Tank Inspector use Gmail as its mail service too. The block made us unable to receive your feedbacks; the automatic password reset function is also interrupted. We are starting to use an alternative mail account: Please write to us if you have any problems using Tank Inspector.

Tank Inspector PRO Sneak Preview, Part II

Hello again everyone,

Here comes the second part of the Tank Inspector PRO Sneak Preview series. This time, we will take a look at the model viewer.

Model inspection is an important and popular feature of Tank Inspector. Thanks to its advanced deferred rendering engine, Tank Inspector present tank models in a high quality, comparable to those being rendered in the game. In Tank Inspector PRO, we improved the rendering engine to bring an even higher graphics quality. Furthermore, just as we promised and exhibited in recent Tank Inspector releases, we are introducing a really useful Capture function.

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Tank Inspector PRO Sneak Preview, Part I

Hello everyone,

It’s been sometime since we wrote our last post and make an update to Tank Inspector, but that doesn’t mean the project is muted or dead. In fact, as you might already heard, we are busy working on a new project, namely Tank Inspector PRO.

We started the Tank Inspector project about a year ago. Initially, Tank Inspector was intended to be a light-weighted tool to help people to study tank models and stats, so all the features are fitted into a simple and compact framework. Soon the program became really popular, many kind and practical suggestions were proposed by users all around the world. At the same time, we realized it is more and more difficult to extend the program to bring new features. That’s why we made the proposal to recreate the Tank Inspector.

The Tank Inspector PRO development has been launched in June. We have released several internal test versions which we called as Technical Previews. These preview releases are actually very incomplete and unstable, so we didn’t make them public. While we are looking forward to make a public release ASAP, in the meantime, we would like to share our progresses with all our audiences, just to tell whoever is concerned to our product, you are not waiting for nothing.

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On 9.3 CT Compatibility

In the 9.3 CT client, WG has reorganized their package files, all the packages with a _hd postfix became obsolete, and some of them, (e.g. vehicles_russian_hd.pkg), might be modified to some unknown format. Unfortunately, Tank Inspector will still read these obsolete files and crash on malformatted ones. We will make a new release to fix this problem as soon as possible.

For now, one workaround is to remove the vehicles_russian_hd.pkg file or change its extension name to any other name. This file is no longer used by the game, so be easy to do it.

In 9.2, some vehicles models (e.g. Tiger I) are rendered “leaked” in Tank Inspector. We did a brief check on 9.3 new HD models, T-34 and T-34-85M have the same problem, too. We will try to fix this problem ASAP.