Support the Tank Inspector PRO Project

Hello everyone,

Firstly a good news to share, just a few minutes ago, we reached an important milestone: 100,000 registered users. We thank all of you to give us so much support.

Tank Inspector is a totally free software. Although we have received some generous donations, it’s still a drop in the ocean to allow Tank Inspector to go further. While the gratuitousness makes the program widely spread and most people could enjoy this high-quality freeware, in the other hand, the development of this program is highly limited. Many great features are proposed, but the creators lack the resources to implement them.

To solve this problem, we are announcing a crowd-funding project for a new product, the Tank Inspector PRO. This project tries to fund $3,000 as the initial capital to launch the development. This PRO version of Tank Inspector will bring more useful, interesting and stunning features. Here we have a brief list of part of the features being planned:

  • HD Rendering: Render tanks into high-resolution (e.g. 4000*3000) pictures (a fully functional demo of this feature is included in the next version);
  • Interversional Comparison: Compare tank stats and models between different version, create animated GIF images to represent the model and armor scheme changes;
  • Data Query: Query tank stats and batch export for other use;
  • Modder Utilities: UV exporting, custom camouflage mod previewing
  • Media Utilities: Collision model with armor markers (so you won’t need to explain “this plate in red has a thickness of 100 mm and that blue plate is a 15 mm spaced armor”), patch-note generation

And there are many features we would like to implement, only if we could get this started.

At the same time, we promise that the original Tank Inspector, with all its current and future features, will remain free, maintained and supported.

Tank Inspector PRO will be a service program, users have to subscribe in order to use it. The contributors of this project will get a big discount on the subscription fees, and some gift from the developers.

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9.0 CT2/3 Compatibility

Some more model changes and compatibility issues are brought to patch 9.0 CT2 and CT3:

  • The track of T-34-85 HD model is rendered incorrectly, however it is not correct in the game itself, neither (although they are incorrect in different ways). We’ll see how it will evolve in future patches.
  • The normal map of some vehicles, like Tiger(P) and high-tier American heavies have their format changed, it makes the lighting of these vehicles inverted. We are trying to fix this issue.
  • Due to model format change, some vehicle components (e.g. hull of T34) are not rendered. This will be fixed in the next version.

We will try to ship the new version as soon as 9.0 is live (Apr. 15th as you might already know).

Tank Inspector 1.3.0 Released

Hi guys,

Here is the new public/stable version. In this version, we have all the known client compatibility issues fixed, including 9.0 CT HD model support. The crashes caused by the recent 8.11 micro-patch, especially for the Polish version, are fixed as well.


As for the HD snapshot and offline mode features introduced in the last beta release, some polishing is still needed, we will bring them in the next public release.

Edit: (again), the Polish language pack was messed up, an older translation was used while releasing this version. Now it is fixed. Sorry!

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Crash on Polish WoT Client

Sorry for Polish users, the latest Tank Inspector will crash on a Polish WoT client.This is caused by recent changes of WoT PL Localization, or, to be more specific, the description of crew skills.

As we don’t have a Polish client, we are still looking for a solution to this problem. If you are using a Polish WoT client and is willing to help us, you can send the res\text\LC_MESSAGES\ file (under your WoT path) to to help us analysing this problem.

Edit: thanks to all of you for the help, now we have the requested files.

Edit2: problem located, this crash is caused by a malformation in the description of the Eagle Eye perk in PL WoT client. We will release a new version to fix this problem soon, along with 9.0 CT support. However, the perk description will remain incorrect, just like how it looks like in the game, until WG have it fixed.


Tank Inspector Beta: 1.3.0

This is a beta release, you can use it only with a beta account.

If you are interested in being a beta-tester, please write to us at, from your Tank Inspector Online account (the email you used to sign in with Tank Inspector).

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For those who is new here, you can download the latest public release, which is free for all:

>>> Go to the Download Page <<<

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Russian Localization Update and Micro-patch Support

Hi guys,

Firstly a big sorry for messing something up. We’ve forgotten to update the Russian localization along with the latest version (, making Russian users unable to start Tank Inspector unless they have their ru folder deleted and use the English version.

The Russian localization was not finished by the time we released the latest version, and till now it’s still incomplete. However we are making an update to include it, so the Russian users could see the majority of text in their native language. We will keep in touch with the localizers and do our best to synchronize the localizations up in future releases. Again, apologizes, and thanks to iv*****lick (please tell me if you want another way to show your name) for reporting this.

The update is ready for download, the crash fix for the Mar.25 micro-patch is also included.


WARNING: for now please DO NOT select Karl in Tank Inspector, it might crash the program. We don’t have the environment to debug this issue (Karl is not present in the Chinese client), so just avoid getting curious about it. If you selected it by accident and cannot launch Tank Inspector any more, you can always delete the %appdata%\..\local\smellyriver folder to reset your settings.

As for patch 9.0 support, we’ve managed to fix the graphics issues. A beta version with these fixes will be released soon.

Mar.25 8.11 Micropatch Compatibility

Today WG has released a micropatch, in which a toy tank “Karl”, Tier 1 SPG, has been added. Tank Inspector will crash on loading this tank because it didn’t know there will be a Tier 1 SPG. While we will fix this by improving the robustness of the program in the next release, for now we have a hotfix to resolve this problem.

Please download the patch and extract it into your Tank Inspector folder.

And, please DO NOT select Karl in Tank Inspector, it might crash the program. We don’t have the environment to debug this issue (Karl is not present in the Chinese client), so just avoid getting curious about it. If you selected it by accident and cannot launch Tank Inspector any more, you can always delete the %appdata%\..\local\smellyriver folder to reset your settings.

9.0 CT Compatibility

Hello everyone,

As WG is introducing many model changes in patch 9.0, some of them cannot be correctly handled by Tank Inspector. In the meanwhile, we are aware of these issues and trying to get them fixed:

  • Normal map of all the HD models and many tracks (i.e. those with independent suspension implemented) are incorrect
  • The hull of Panzer IV Ausf. H cannot be rendered
  • The German tech-tree is incorrectly laid out
  • The shaders of many vehicles are incorrect (making them look pale)