We are back… and OPEN!

It’s really sad that I have to start every post with a sorry. However this time I’m bringing some really good news. I finally managed to clear out some time, so I can fix compatibility issues between Tank Inspector and World of Tanks, and, what more important is, I can try to re-organize the source code so it could be opened.

And it’s here.

You can find new releases at https://github.com/smellyriver/tankinspector/releases.

From now on, all update will be published on GitHub, so this site will no more be maintained. As it’s parasitic on a relatively costly cloud service, we will sit idle before our fund drains.

See you in GitHub!

Tank Inspector 1.7 Released

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the long delay. As Edward and I are getting more and more busy on our own stuffs, we barely have time to focus on World of Tanks. Actually, we are not playing WoT for years. And it could be expected that we will have even less time to maintain this project in the future. While we will still try to update Tank Inspector to support the latest game update, please excuse us from not being able to get it done on time.

This release of Tank Inspector made it compatible with World of Tanks 9.17.



  • Sweden flag added.


  • Tank Inspector now works with World of Tanks 9.17

Tank Inspector 1.6.0 Released

Hi everyone,

I know apology usually don’t work well… but the Tank Inspector crews were extremely busy during the past months, so we failed to deliver new versions on time. Good news is, we finally managed to resume our work on this.

Version 1.6.0 fixed all the rendering issues of tank models (including armor models), as well as providing support for 9.15 supertest client.



  • Tank Inspector will now display official tank camouflage (invisibility) data for 9.15 (and future version of) client.
  • Matchmaking Weight data is removed from 9.15 ST client, so it is removed in Tank Inspector too.


  • Tank visual and collision model are fixed (no more “explosive” models).
  • Normal direction of tank visual models are fixed.
  • Gloss and specular map for tank visual models are fixed.
  • Render of track grousers are fixed.
  • Tank model loading performance improved.


  • Tank Inspector is now compatible with 9.14 and 9.15 ST client.

Tank Inspector 1.4.0 Released

Hi guys,

Sorry again but our server didn’t survive the tremendous network traffic and went out of quota, and actually there is a bug on our service provider side, which keeps our service hanging even after the bill is paid. Now the server is back online.

As I wrote in the last post, the developers are extremely busy working on their own stuffs, and the server pressure keeps increasing. Finally we realized that if we don’t increase our quota plan (~$15 per month, we temporarily increased it to ~$30 in recent months), there will be a monthly server halt. However, Tank Inspector don’t make money for us, although we do accept donations and can receive several bucks every month (much appreciated to the donators, it’s you who keep this program alive), it is still far from enough to handle the current traffic. On the other hand, we did have some big plans to enrich the online part, but due to resource limit, only a few of them (e.g.the Live Stats) are implemented, which diminished the overhead of requiring a connection and valid login. So we decided to drop the online part of Tank Inspector, which means:

  • Neither a network connection nor an account is required to use Tank Inspector
  • Online features, like Live Stats, are removed from Tank Inspector

For some users who can’t access our server (i.e. blocked by their ISPs), this could be a good news. And for those who liked the Live Stats, we are really sorry for not being able to keep them. You can always query those stats from VBAddict, which was the data source of Live Stats.

We will keep updating Tank Inspector to ensure compatibility, and our website will keep running.

Here is the new release.



  • Tank Inspector is an offline program now, network connection and account are no more required
  • Live Stats feature is removed due to the offlinization


  • Tank Inspector is now compatible with 9.10 ST client