Tank Inspector 1.3.8 released

Hello friends,

A big sorry for the late update.

Many things came up these days. The only two developers, Edward and me, are extremely busy working on our own stuffs, which made us barely able to spend time on our after-school projects. We don’t have time to play WoT too, my game client is only updated if compatibility issue is reported, my last battle dates back to last summer.

What amazed us is, even with such paltry support, the user base of Tank Inspector is still increasing consistently. In January, we were surprised to find out that our server was out of quota, caused by unbelievable traffics. We optimized the communication strategy to avoid this problem, but still our server is on the verge of getting out of quota every month.

In the meantime, we still don’t have much time on maintaining this utility, but we are thinking to make some changes. One thought is to drop the online part of Tank Inspector, so it could be used offline and we won’t need to waste our time dealing with server issues.

As for Tank Inspector PRO, the development is temporarily paused, for the same reason. The project is like 80% done, but it still need another 80% time to be complete. We are thinking to make it open source so the community could get it done.

These are still in our mind and they need time to be carried out. For now, all we can do is try to keep Tank Inspector updated, as duly as we could. Here is the update to fix compatilbilty issues with the 9.8 CT client.



  • Tank Inspector is now compatible with 9.7 and 9.8 CT client.

Tank Inspector PRO Sneak Preview, Part II

Hello again everyone,

Here comes the second part of the Tank Inspector PRO Sneak Preview series. This time, we will take a look at the model viewer.

Model inspection is an important and popular feature of Tank Inspector. Thanks to its advanced deferred rendering engine, Tank Inspector present tank models in a high quality, comparable to those being rendered in the game. In Tank Inspector PRO, we improved the rendering engine to bring an even higher graphics quality. Furthermore, just as we promised and exhibited in recent Tank Inspector releases, we are introducing a really useful Capture function.

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Download Restored

A quick update, the download link was banned by DropBox due to exceeded traffic (there is a 20GB per day traffic limit on DropBox, which is approximately 1,200 downloads for Tank Inspector) several hours ago, now it is restored and functioning correctly.

What’s Next

In the past few days, we have collected hundreds of  feedbacks from tens of thousands of users. Our next release will contain changes based on these feedbacks, primarily bug fixes.

According to these feedbacks, most stability issues are caused by some known .NET Framework bugs. These bugs mostly should be fixed automatically by Windows Update, however if you have your Windows Update turned off, you have to install hotfixes manually. Another option is to use .NET Framework 4.5 or 4.5.1, which has many bugs in .NET Framework 4.0 fixed, whilst keeping the compatibility. For more information, please refer to the Known Issues.

In the previous release, Tank Inspector has compatibility issues with some nVidia graphics card, as well as systems with switchable graphics feature. Meanwhile we are trying to fix these problems, the thing is we do not have such devices to run tests. However we will try to find some as soon as possible.

There is nothing awesome with the bug fixes, nonetheless, I’m going to talk about some mid-term and long-term features of Tank Inspector.

Model view wise, a penetration model will be introduced. In this model, with a specified shell, the penetration chance to the target tank will be shown in different colors (say, red – non-penetratable or ricochet; green – 100% penetratable; yellow – possibly penetratable). If you angle the target tank, the color schema will be updated synchronously.

A model mixing function might also be introduced. The collision / penetration model will be overlaid on the regular model, so you can learn the armor schema from the regular model, which would be very useful if you are not familiar with the tank you are viewing. Here is how it might look like:

this feature, however, requires a higher render capability. We are still trying to find out the best way to implement it.

Some smaller yet important features, such as rotating gun and turret, tuning camera, as well as rendering custom or premium camouflage will also be introduced.

Data view wise, a major feature will be multi-version support. You can switch between different game versions on the fly, or compare tank stats interversionally – you will be able to compare stats of a same vehicle between different game versions.

More LiveStats might also be added. With the support of vBAddict.net, we have many valuable statistics added to the first release. We are also interested in the “new method” of evaluating tank performance, some form of such stats might also be added in the future.

Tank configuration persistence is also in our plan. With such a feature, you can save and share your tank configuration, you can even set a tank with a certain configuration as the reference tank, making comparison more flexible.

As for the reference tank, it is not simply a comparison target. In the future, the shoot test feature will allow you to shoot your selected tank with the reference tank – you can place both tanks and manipulate one to shoot the other one. In such a shoot test, all related game rules will be considered, including shell velocity and gravity, penetration loss by distance and so on.

Well, that’s all for our conceptions. We hope we can make Tank Inspector more and more amazing. Do you have any better ideas? Don’t be hestitate to tell us – just comment with your Tank Inspector account.

Help Us to Localize Tank Inspector

Got amazed by Tank Inspector? So did tankers all around the world. Tank Inspector is localized in English (US and UK) and Chinese (HAN-Simplified, HAN-Traditional and TW) when it’s born, and soon learnt to speak Korean, Russian, French, German and even more languages, with the kind help of our users. However, it is still eager for learning more languages. Being interested in bringing Tank Inspector to other language speakers? Here we go.

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