Download and Install

  • Q: How to install it?
    A: No installation is needed, just extract the package and start with Smellyriver.TankInspector.exe.

Registration and Account

  • Q: I haven’t received the activation mail after my first sign in.
    A: As there are so many people start using Tank Inspector during these days, our mail server is heavily overcrowded. So it is very likely you will not receive the activation mail. We will resend the mail as soon as we could.
  • Q: I cannot reset my password, I haven’t received the reset password email.
    A: As our mail server is heavily overcrowded, you can write to from the email which is your Tank Inspector account, so we will send you the reset instruction manually.
  • Q: Why do we need to register and sign in to use Tank Inspector?
    A: There are many reasons. For example, some function requires querying data from our server, we need an authentication to get rid of abuse, also if we realized that our server is under high stress, we always have the option to disable registering. Furthermore. in our future plan, configurations of tanks could be stored on the server and shared with others. Some features in connection with your WoT profile might also be introduced, which requires an account association too. For now it’s mostly an infrastructure.
  • Q: Do I need to use my WoT account to connect?
    A: DO NOT use your WoT account as your Tank Inspector account. Use another password, preferably another email address. Although it’s technically safe if you use your WoT account, we do not want Tank Inspector to bring any potential security risk to you.
  • Q: What if I accidently used by WoT account to sign in Tank Inspector?
    A: Be ease. Your password is stored in an irreversible encrypted form both locally and on our server. That is, even if this encrypted password is leaked, it is still practically impossible to retrieve your plain (real) password from it, thus no one could use it to access your WoT account. However, it is still recommended to use another password and email other than the one your WoT is using.


  • Q: Tank Inspector won’t launch.
    A: There are many reasons which might cause this issue. Please check:

    • You are running with Windows XP SP3 or later Windows operation system
    • You have .NET Framework 4.0 and DirectX 9.0c installed (see the download page)
    • You have a graphics card which supports DirectX 9.0c
    • The downloaded package is not corrupted, and it’s fully extracted
    • You have sufficient RAM and disk space. Tank Inspector typically requires 200MB of spare RAM to run, and 100MB disk space for caching
  • Q: Tank Inspector crashed.
    A: Please send sti.log to, to help us find out what was happening.
  • Many issues are known and in our schedule to be fixed. You can find them in the Known Issues page.


  • Q: How to compare stats between two tanks?
    A: Click the orange arrow button located at the bottom-right corner, a list of the tanks in the same class and tier as the tank you are currently viewing would show. Click on any of them to set as the reference tank. All stats will be compared with the reference tank, with arrows shown on their right indicating the compare result: green for better, red for worse, blue for non-comparable. Detail compare result could be found in the tooltip popped up while you put your mouse over a data item in the data view.
    You can also set the reference tank by clicking the orange arrow button on the right of a search result item.
  • Q: Can I change the configuration of a reference tank?
    A: Not for now. The reference tank is always in elite configuration with 100% proficiency crews, with neither equipment nor consumables installed, as well as no crew skills and perks learnt. However, it will try to load a shot similar to current selected tank.
  • Q: The model/data region is too short.
    A: For low resolution screens, it is recommended to hide the tank description by clicking on the name of the tank.
  • Q: How can I enter the sniper mode?
    A: Press left shift on your keyboard in model view.
  • Q: How can I change the shoot distance in sniper mode?
    A: Use W and S on your keyboard. A double tap allows you move faster.


  • Q: Comparing more than two tanks? Maybe in a grid view?
    A: Currently all our features are focused on one single tank, including the compare function – that is why we call the second comparee a reference tank, and we didn’t show the stats of the reference tank directly. Comparison among multiple tanks sounds to be useful, however it cound not fit in the current framework.
  • Q: Consider penetration loss (by distance) and trajactory (gravity of shell) in shoot tests and sniper mode?
    A: The shoot test feature is for measuring the equivalent thickness of the armor with a certain angle, distance and type/caliber of shell, it makes no sense to consider the penetration loss and trajactory. However, a true shoot emulation will be introduced in the future, which allows you to shoot your current tank with your reference tank. In such a feature, all factors which might affect a penetration will be considered.
  • Q: Premium camo support? What about custom textures?
    A:  Both will come in future releases.
  • Q: Will you add the hitbox of modules (fuel tanks, ammo racks etc.)?
    A: Sorry, no plan for that. The hitbox data is no longer available from the game client since a long time ago, and we won’t have time to collect them manually.
  • Q: I would like to know how much experience it would take to unlock a whole branch. Will that be implemented?
    A: Perhaps. I did thought about it, however hadn’t found a proper way to present it.

Your Support

  • Q: Tank Inspector is awesome! How can I support you?
    A: Donation is always welcome. You can also help us to make Tank Inspector known by more people – discuss it in your local WoT community, or simply introduce it to your friends/in-game friends/clan members etc..
  • Q: Can I help to translate Tank Inspector to other languages?
    A: Sure, the localization SDK is released, see how to do it.

55 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You can also ask your own question here.

    • Not sure if this is the right section, but under the survivability tab when comparing a tank and a reference tank, apparently the more damage the received the better. Regardless I guess it is more down to opinion, but unless that factors in potential damage taken, surely taking less damage is better, as bouncier armour would mean less actual damage taken as it promotes ricochets more often.

      Otherwise amazing program, and thanks for offering it for free :)

      • Hi,

        Thanks for your feedback – and yes, it’s no point to say whether it’s better or not to take more damage. We will change the behavior in the next release, and we will add the potential damage LIVESTAT as soon as possible – which will be compared in this way.

    • 最新版1.3.2.36看德国车莱茵金属武器运载车时候模型显示缺失,履带和炮架都没了- -…

    • Hello, I am a Russian and Ukrainian server will try to write in English when the function to see where the tank boiukladka and fuel tanks because it is a very useful thing?

    • simo********neri

      Hello ‘-’ I’ve got a weird thing,tanks does not appear at all. It does work on my old pc though. Can the video card be the reason of this?

    • Hi,
      The camo values for the t67, american td all say “n/a”.
      So far haven’t seen the issue with other tanks.

    • cannot open with windows 8…. find these in sti.log (part of)
      what should i do?

      2014-12-06 15:54:15,554 [14] INFO NationalDatabase – load shared module data from cache failed, gonna regenerate
      2014-12-06 15:54:15,555 [14] INFO NationalDatabase – saving shared module data into cache
      2014-12-06 15:54:15,557 [14] INFO NationalDatabase – load tech tree from cache failed, gonna regenerate
      2014-12-06 15:54:15,583 [14] ERROR Program – an first chance exception occurred:
      System.FormatException: 输入字符串的格式不正确。
      在 System.Number.StringToNumber(String str, NumberStyles options, NumberBuffer& number, NumberFormatInfo info, Boolean parseDecimal)
      2014-12-06 15:54:15,726 [1] FATAL MainWindowViewModel – database load failed
      System.AggregateException: 发生一个或多个错误。 —> System.FormatException: 输入字符串的格式不正确。
      在 System.Number.StringToNumber(String str, NumberStyles options, NumberBuffer& number, NumberFormatInfo info, Boolean parseDecimal)
      在 System.Number.ParseInt32(String s, NumberStyles style, NumberFormatInfo info)
      在 Smellyriver.TankInspector.Modeling.XmlReaderExtensions.Read(XmlReader reader, Int32& value)

    • 2 months ago I reported a problem on this page about the camouflage values of the t67, american td. (all the values say:; n/a)
      It seems, since then, with an update in between, nothing was fixed and also the tank model lost it’s hull.
      I guess these faq’s are not frequently red.

    • Why does my Tank inspector stop working before it loads in from that new Tank inspector intro thing? I had to re-install it after i deleted the old one by mistake.

    • i have a problem with tank inspector. When i open tank inspector i login and everything, everything’s fine but when i get to actually trying to use it, it just goes dark and i cant press anything on it or actually use it. Please help

    • My Tank inspector crashes when I try to screenshot. Any reason why?

    • When I try to view a tank using Tank Inspector I cant see the tank. Everything else seems to fine. How do I fix this? I have Net Framework 4.5.2 installed.

  2. It would be a nice feature if clan icons would show up on the tank to make it easier designing it.

  3. My tanks don’t show up at all.

  4. Hi i have a question. I got this and it was really helpfull, but about a week ago i couldn’t see the tanks anymore. It still reads that its there giving me the average thickness of armor etc, but i cant see the model. If i switch to the color coded model i can see it but not the plain one. I do have mods for tank skins and remodels. Do you think thats my problem or is it the program?

  5. 一些改进意见:

    • 1) 暂时没有,这个功能要等9.0高清模型格式确定后再做。
      2) 修理时间的数据和公式未知,我们研究过,但是没有找到可靠的规律。
      3) 顶级炮的选择规则是:等级最高下口径最大的炮。不过这个规则对于某些车来说确实不符合使用习惯(例如此规则下WT E100的顶级炮为150炮),可能要考虑为这些车制定特殊规则。

      • 大婶原来也会中文啊,这样我就不用谷歌翻译了。。。

  6. I’m just wondering why I can’t rotate the tank model to see the bottom of the tank….

  7. Since a couple of days ago, I cannot connect site, with my home IP address. As a result, I cannot start tank inspector which requires log in. I can connect here with other IP address, for example, by mobile phone, but not with home IP address. Is there something wrong with me?

  8. Hi,
    I’ve got a little issue. I simply cannot LOG IN. I log in on the web-site, but not in tank inspector. Version STI. I have no idea wtf is happening. However, previous version is working fine. SO please fix such stupid bug. Gutted

  9. even here, cant log in with Windows 8.1 Version 6.3.9600 and newest Net.framework

    it crashes direct at the splash-screen were u have to enter your Account Data

    System.InvalidOperationException: database load failed
    System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: Key not in dictonary

  10. Is there a plan to add fine (numerical) camera controls (pan, rotation, zoom) and orthographic projection, as in WoT Tank Viewer? I quite like to compare tanks precisely.

  11. I can’t see the models of the tanks, i get the info when i point the mouse . some help pls

  12. How can I view stats of each tank such as module health (e.g. ammo rack, tracks, etc.)?

  13. Is there a way for me to use my own custom skins? I am trying to make a wallpaper with the M18 Hellcat, but the hull is white, the rest is normal. Is this possible? Thanks.

  14. Hi guys
    I would like to know why some tanks are shown very dark. In my case its the B2 740 (f).
    .NET Framework 4.5.1 is running.
    I’m using a GeForce GTX 670.
    Thanks a lot!

  15. Tank Inspector crashes when i run it. I have the proper .NET and DirectX installed win7 x64 GTX760 335.23driver version. The log after the log can be found here: I would gladly give other informations too if needed.
    Thank you for this program. And for sharing it free.

  16. simo********neri

    Hello ‘-’ I’ve got a weird thing,tanks does not appear at all. It does work on my old pc though. Can the video card be the reason of this?

    • Hi,

      This could happen if you have two or more GPU present in your computer (for instance, a Core CPU integrated GPU and a standalone GPU). In this case, please launch Tank Inspector with your first GPU, that is, in many scenarios, the CPU integrated one.
      If you have only one GPU, please try to update its driver.

  17. Hi,
    The camo values for the t67, american td all say “n/a”.
    So far haven’t seen the issue with other tanks.

    I’m posting this for the second time, the other comment is probably in the wrong place.

  18. as for some reason when i login and use tank inspector, it goes like darkish (i can still see the tanks) but i cant click on anything or do anything with tank inspector. here’s an image if you’re wondering what it looks like:

  19. Can you send me a new registration Email? I really want to test the Tank Inspector…

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