As the model texture format is changed in patch 9.0, there are still some rendering issues left unsolved. We will fix these problems as soon as possible.

  • The hull of Tiger(P) is not rendered correctly.
  • The tracks of T-34-85 is not rendered correctly.
  • The normal map of several tanks (e.g. T30) are incorrectly rendered.
  • On laptops with switchable graphics feature, model might not be rendered for one graphics card. You can try to run Tank Inspector with another graphics card.
  • The render of models might be messed on systems with GeForce 600M series graphics card and Windows XP SP3. Typically a driver upgrade should solve this problem.
  • If you have encountered any graphics problem, updating your graphics driver might help.


Most stability issues are caused by .NET Framework itself. For Windows Vista(SP2+) / Windows 7(SP1+) / Windows 8 users, it is strongly recommended to install .NET Framework 4.5.1 instead.

  • If Tank Inspector crashes on start, or doesn’t run at all, while no sti.log file is generated and the dump folder is empty, it is very likely to be crashed into .NET Framework itself. We have received several reports of this situation. There are some known issues on .NET Frameworks 4.0 which might cause this problem:
  • A crash might happen while launching Tank Inspector, sometimes it might look like nothing happened when you run Tank Inspector. This is very possible to be tied to a known .NET Framework 4.0 issue. To solve this problem, Microsoft has provided a hotfix, which however has to be applied by you yourself. Here is how it works:
  • A  very rare crash might happen while launching Tank Inspector in a non-fully trusted place, such as a network shared folder. It might be caused by a known .NET Framework 4.0 issue, which could be fixed by applying a patch.


  • For some computers, especially for those with a multi-touch device (tablets etc.), the user interface might be very laggy. This could be caused by a known .NET Framework 4.0 issue, which could be fixed via this hotfix.


  • Tank Inspector might crash while Teamspeak 3 overlay plugin is running. Please disable it before running Tank Inspector.