Server Halt

EDIT: Jan. 19: The server is back online now.

Dear users,

Our server is currently halted because it’s out of quota. This is caused by the recent increment of users – much more than we could expect. We are currently trying to find out a solution and fix it ASAP.

In the meanwhile, we are not able to provide register and download services. All users who has a successful previous login can use Tank Inspector in offline mode (automatically) until our server is online again.

Thanks for your patient and sorry for the inconvenience.



The Tank Inspector Crews

8 thoughts on “Server Halt

  1. Thanks for service.thanks for update the information.i will wait for connection.

  2. 2015-1-28 today server still on halt…

  3. I hope it gets fixed soon

  4. Can you guys re-establish the server at all?

  5. Are you planning to create a ship inspector for WoWS ?

  6. WoTs updated again

  7. I would Really like to recommend this program but, I have yet to get any activation emails on either of the two accounts I created, the password reset doesn’t work, and with these kinds of issues its hard to promote your product. Sounds like you really have to deal with server issues, and start getting on you customer base. Its a great program, but until it is functioning properly, I think I will hold back on donation or recommendations on it. I see there hasn’t even been a reply since the first of the year, which actually concerns me, are you still alive, in prisoned by the Government, what’s the deal?

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