Tank Inspector 1.3.8 released

Hello friends,

A big sorry for the late update.

Many things came up these days. The only two developers, Edward and me, are extremely busy working on our own stuffs, which made us barely able to spend time on our after-school projects. We don’t have time to play WoT too, my game client is only updated if compatibility issue is reported, my last battle dates back to last summer.

What amazed us is, even with such paltry support, the user base of Tank Inspector is still increasing consistently. In January, we were surprised to find out that our server was out of quota, caused by unbelievable traffics. We optimized the communication strategy to avoid this problem, but still our server is on the verge of getting out of quota every month.

In the meantime, we still don’t have much time on maintaining this utility, but we are thinking to make some changes. One thought is to drop the online part of Tank Inspector, so it could be used offline and we won’t need to waste our time dealing with server issues.

As for Tank Inspector PRO, the development is temporarily paused, for the same reason. The project is like 80% done, but it still need another 80% time to be complete. We are thinking to make it open source so the community could get it done.

These are still in our mind and they need time to be carried out. For now, all we can do is try to keep Tank Inspector updated, as duly as we could. Here is the update to fix compatilbilty issues with the 9.8 CT client.



  • Tank Inspector is now compatible with 9.7 and 9.8 CT client.

2 thoughts on “Tank Inspector 1.3.8 released

  1. as of release of 0.9.8 the tanks are not modelled in tank inspector.

  2. Great ^^ After this Tank inspector Pro thing you can do some Minor Model fixes like on IS-7 and the E-100 and several of the new tanks and a few HD models. But I am liking the progress

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