Tank Inspector 1.5.0 Released

Hi everyone,

Here is the long awaited new version of Tank Inspector. This version works with the new 9.12 (and 10.0) game client. We’ve fixed the rendering of most tank models, however there are still some models need special care (e.g. ST-I). We will fix these models in the next release.



  • Czechoslovakia flag added
  • Turret controller display and boundary fixed
  • Elevation and depression graphes fixed


  • Tank Inspector is now compatible with 9.12 and 10.0 client

18 thoughts on “Tank Inspector 1.5.0 Released

  1. Well T1 HMC causes it to crash.

  2. 9.13 Is coming out! the Public test started already. Wargaming is pumping these out ._.

  3. Hey, I’m having an issue with TI 1.5.0 when looking at the T-54′s armor model.

    Check this out :p


  4. Hope you guys having a great time ^^

  5. Did things slow down?

  6. Is this still being worked on?

  7. I am worried development stopped. Cause we really need a update.

  8. Don’t worry.We are working on the next release now.

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