Tank Inspector PRO Open Sourced

Hi everyone,

As we mentioned in a previous post, we decided to open-source the Tank Inspector PRO project. You can access the full source code at the GitHub repository. The project has been updated to be compatible with 9.15 ST game client.

Why Open-Source?

Tank Inspector PRO project was launched with a crowdfunding project at indiegogo. It was originally designed as a commercial service program, primarily for hardcore players and WoT themed medium (i.e. websites).  We’ve spend huge effort on this project, run several internal tests and by now most of its features are done and working well. However, there are several reasons that made us change our mind.

  • It took too much time for us to develop and maintain this project. We definitely underestimated the workload of this project, we can’t afford to work on it full-time. After launching the project, we’ve spent near 2,000 man-hours on it, and still struggled trying to finish it. As a result, the progress went very slowly, especially for that we were very busy on our primary jobs. It’s undeniable that we spent nearly two years to bring this out, but we never gave it up.
  • We don’t think making it commercial a good idea. The intended users of  Tank Inspector PRO is actually those who support Tank Inspector the most, especially for the mediums, which are running their websites voluntarily and unprofitably. Charging for supporting us or contributing to the community or loving WoT, it’s not a good idea. Thus we are licensing Tank Inspector PRO under the MIT license, everybody can use it freely, for free.
  • Community can make this project even better. An open-source project allows everyone who is interested and capable to take their roles in the development. If there are enough people joined us in this project, the software quality could get better. More great features could be added into it, too. Bugs? Incompatibility with latest game? These problems can be fixed even faster.

How to Use

There is no release version of Tank Inspector PRO yet, so for now you’ll have to get the source code and build yourself. Please read the README.md file on GitHub to get more information.

What about Tank Inspector?

Tank Inspector is not deserted. As I said, Tank Inspector PRO is for hardcore and serious users. Its features and user interface are not intended for common users who just want to complete some simple task like checking out the armor or stats of a tank. We will keep updating Tank Inspector as usual.

As for why not to open the source of Tank Inspector itself, it’s another story. Tank Inspector was firstly made to be a very simple utility for our personal use. Later it became unexpectedly popular, so it’s wrapped and enhanced all the way. However, we don’t have time to rearrange the source code to make it the correct form of reflecting all its functionalities – or pedantically, “refactor” it. As a result, the quality of the source code is actually terrible, making us ashamed to reveal it. On the other hand, Tank Inspector PRO was totally rewritten from scratch carefully, it’s well structured with a plugin system, so its source code quality can be guaranteed.

To People Who Participated in the Crowdfunding of Tank Inspector PRO

As we decided to make Tank Inspector PRO free and open-source, we realized this is somehow diminishing your contribution in the crowdfunding. As a compensation, we added all your names in the credits page of Tank Inspector PRO (In the main menu, click Help|About, and switch to the Credits page in the about window). Some of you chose not to show your names on indiegogo, please contact me at hillinsilence [AT] gmail.com if you want to show your name in Tank Inspector PRO. Again, thanks for everybody who participated in this project.

Click here to goto the GitHub repository of Tank Inspector PRO.

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