18 thoughts on “Tank Inspector Public Release

  1. Hello mates,

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  2. Works perfectly, thanks for this great tool.

  3. how do we report issues ?

    the obj 430 has a depression of 1 degrees surely this is incorrect ?

    The effective armor thing is great but at the same time complete useless.
    we need to beable to tell what angle the tank is at, left and right and up and down. There is another issue with it too. it “fish eyes” the tanks so flat surfaces are no longer flat and therefor the EA is constantly changing.

    great work though looking forward to the next version

    • Object 430 has 1 degree of depression when its gun is facing front. However when you move your gun a bit, the depression will be increased to about 6 degrees. We will add a more detailed elevation/depression display in the future.

  4. I was checking the fun dispersion when moving/suspension rotation,the Unit is”a”.
    what thats mean?

  5. please add Russian and function that it was possible to compare the tanks (eg tank or several vybiraesh sravnivaesh and each other). and when it is updated or planned? русский понимаете?

  6. I had the same issue in the beta release, but with the public release it still exists. I cannot see any tank models despite selecting the proper folder for my game files. I believe it has something to do with having switchable graphics even though I have it set to use the radeon chip. For reference, Radeon HD6650m 1 GB and an Intel HD 4000. I’d love if you can get this fixed as the rest of the program works wonderfully.

  7. Works nicely, and is immensely useful.
    But is there any hot-keys page, where I can get used to stuff?
    Like, I remember pressing something and changing the comparison on the tooltip from arrows to numbers, and I’ve forgotten how to do that again.

    • Hi, there is actually no such key. In fact, we have very few hotkeys set up, because we consider it not intuitive.
      The comparison results are shown as arrows while comparing with the reference tank. They are shown as numbers while previewing configuration change.

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