We are back… and OPEN!

It’s really sad that I have to start every post with a sorry. However this time I’m bringing some really good news. I finally managed to clear out some time, so I can fix compatibility issues between Tank Inspector and World of Tanks, and, what more important is, I can try to re-organize the source code so it could be opened.

And it’s here.

You can find new releases at https://github.com/smellyriver/tankinspector/releases.

From now on, all update will be published on GitHub, so this site will no more be maintained. As it’s parasitic on a relatively costly cloud service, we will sit idle before our fund drains.

See you in GitHub!

One thought on “We are back… and OPEN!

  1. Jonathan Previdi

    Nice to see you again. Unfortunally, the last release crashes at the start of the application.

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